Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Few Tributes...

"I had the good fortune of getting to know Anuj well over the last year at Wharton. Not only did we study together but we also hung out together many times and Anuj was great company. He was one of the nicest and most genuine guys I have met. He was an extremely hard working guy and would always go the extra distance to improve the quality of our work on group assignments while never making a big fuss about it. It never came as a surprise to me that he made the Director’s List at Wharton given his academic commitment and intellectual strength. We used to joke initially in our learning team that we have a geek from MIT and that joke died pretty soon after we started our semester last fall when we found out Anuj’s many talents and interests. He was highly active in Wharton’s Technology and Entrepreneurship Clubs going on to become the co-president of the Entrepreneurship Club and working as a Panel Manager for the Technology Conference. His interest in volunteering and social causes was evident throughout the year. On our leadership class team project he was an extremely productive and fun member while contributing extensively to the Rebuilding Together and Into the Streets volunteer projects. Anuj was clearly committed and passionate about the academic institutions he attended. He served as the officer for MIT’s Alumni Club for Northern California and at Wharton he was selected to lead the Advisory Board for the school’s well known speaker series, Wharton Leadership Lectures, that brings to campus many of the world’s most influential leaders and policy makers. In addition he led the initiative to bring guest speakers to our core curriculum leadership class by volunteering his services for an entire cluster of about 250 students. And the list goes on and on…That is my dear humble friend Anuj."

- Vivek

"My dear cousin Anuj was a very special person. He was loving, caring, genuine, and very giving. I remember the times in Ann Arbor when we would all play in the backyard, which back then seemed like the size of a football field to us, and Anuj would run around teasing all of us. He was the little one with curly hair and pudgy cheeks - one could never miss his wonderful, comforting smile. Those very same qualities were apparent even when he was a toddler. A few weeks ago at a very special lunch we all had together, it was my turn to tease him and still he blushed as he did when he was a child. Anuj is exceptional in so many ways and has a special aura about him that few can ever match. Anuj, my dear cousin, you live in our hearts and minds every moment of the day. Our spirit, faith, and prayers are with you."

- Meena

"Anuj was one of the warmest, most genuine person I have known. He was also one of the most brilliant kids in our high school class and had the rare quality of making friends with almost everyone. We dropped out of touch after graduating from St. Francis' in 1994 and reconnected just a few years ago and he was the same as before- radiant and warm."

- Saurabh


Anonymous N & KC said...

Dear Hema and Neal,

We are very sorry to hear about the death of dear Anuj. There are no words that can truly ease the pain of a sudden loss like this. At a time like this, there is a sorrow for which no heart could ever be prepared. We read the details about his life. He accomplished so much in such a short time. In ways big and small, he touched too many hearts to ever be forgotten.

Helping words, healing words are hard to find now, but warmest thought go out to you and your family to comfort you somehow.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,
I still remember how you use to send me homework while you were at MIT to help me in computer. I still remember the day you got pissed of at me cause I sent off my USC application without running it by you. I still remember the day you took me shoe shopping and gave me advice about roommates before I left for college. I still remember the day when you told me to stop being so angry casue it shows on my face. I still remember the day when you said that you are too old to come to my graduation party and I still remember today, for what I am today is because of you. I thank you for everything that you ever did for me and most of all I thank you for just being a loving elder brother. I love you alot and I know that you are still sitting beside me tugging at my ear.
Miss you,

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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