Monday, June 19, 2006

Scholarship - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Anuj Mohan Scholarship Fund?
It is a fund designed to provide scholarship assistance to exceptional students from families of limited financial means to attend The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which Anuj graduated with BS and MEng degrees, or The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where Anuj completed his first year on the path to an MBA degree before his accident.

What is the mission of the fund?
Anuj was deeply committed to education and passionate about creating equal opportunities so that everyone could reach their full potential. He was convinced that the path to sustainable progress in society was through providing educational opportunities to students who truly deserved them, and encouraging those students to contribute to their communities afterwards. That is the mission of this scholarship fund. We hope to educate the next generation of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators so that they can better the world we live in.

How will this scholarship be different from others?
A number of characteristics will make the Anuj Mohan Scholarship Fund different from other scholarships, grants and financial aid opportunities:
1) Unlike many other funds we will work very closely with MIT and Wharton to ensure that we are in synch with their overall merit scholarship and financial aid programs.
2) As described above, the goal of the scholarship will be not only to provide academic opportunities for deserving underprivileged students but also ensure that they are focused on contributing to their communities in a meaningful way.
3) Therefore eligibility criteria will include not only applicants' academic excellence and financial need, but also their demonstrated commitment to their local community.
4) The original focus of the fund will be on students in the San Francisco Bay Area given Anuj's connection to that community but we hope to grow our scope over the years.

How do I make a donation?
Please write a check payable to Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Write "Anuj Mohan Scholarship Fund" in the memo line.

Mail to:

Silicon Valley Community Foundation
2440 West El Camino Real, Suite 300
Mountain View, California 94040-1498

If you have any questions about this process, please contact

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. A receipt will be mailed to each donor who contributes to the fund.

Can I donate more than once?
Yes. If you would like to pledge a certain amount every year, we will work with you to establish a schedule that suits you.

How is the fund structured?
The Anuj Mohan Scholarship Fund is a donor-advised fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Anyone can give to this fund. It will endow permanent scholarships at MIT and Wharton. Using criteria we provide, these schools will select exceptional students as scholarship recipients from The Anuj Mohan Scholarship Fund. After endowing the first set of scholarships, we hope to grow the number and size of grants at both schools by working with our generous supporters and development partners at MIT, Wharton and Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

When will you award the first scholarship?
Our goal is to start awarding scholarships to students admitted to MIT and Wharton in fall of 2007.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
You can email:
Kapil Mohan at or,
Silicon Valley Community Foundation at


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