Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Always a Warm Smile and Ready Laugh

"What I remember most is his ever-present laughter - especially at house meetings where Tim or Ameet would start to tell a turkey story that might have only involved Anuj peripherally - they might have just briefly mentioned Anuj's name - but Anuj would bust out with his unstoppable laugh (I really don't think he could have made himself stop laughing even if he had wanted to). This laugh would inspire high-pitched cries of "Anoooooooooj!!!" from everyone, which would ring out over his uncontrolled laughter until, sure enough, Anuj would be awarded the shirt.

In my memories of Anuj, he is so happy and alive, I can't believe he's no longer with us. I am proud and happy that Anuj was my fraternity brother. The thought that his goofy, unstoppable laugh is no longer out there making others happy hurts me."

- Carl


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