Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Geographical Timeline

Anuj loved maps. Throughout his life, he liked to draw, study and collect them. In honor of this aspect of his intellectual curiosity, here is a timeline of Anuj's life in cartographic form. Click on each map to see more details via Google.

Anuj was born in Boynton Beach, Florida on April 9, 1976, a few miles north of Boca Raton where he lived for his first three years.

He moved with his family to Saline, Michigan on the outskirts of the college town of Ann Arbor in 1979. Anuj spent the next six years in this beautiful small community.

In 1985, the Mohan family relocated to the other side of the world to Lucknow, India. Anuj learned a new language, culture and way of life very quickly. The bulk of his teenage years were spent in India.

While in college and grad school from 1994 to 1999, Anuj enjoyed the humid summers and cold winters of Cambridge, Mass across the Charles River from Boston.

In 1999, Anuj trekked across the country to join the dotcom wave in Silicon Valley. For six years, he lived all over the Bay Area: San Francisco, Mountain View and San Leandro.

Anuj moved back to the east coast in July 2005 to earn his MBA at Wharton in Philadelphia. He lived next to historic Rittenhouse Square.


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