Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Place of Tranquility

San Gregorio State Beach, off Highway 1 on the California coast between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, was one of Anuj's favorite spots. Unlike its often crowded neighbor Half Moon Bay Beach to the North, San Gregorio is usually not teaming with beach-goers. Anuj would take family and friends there to relax in its serene atmosphere.

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About 10 years ago, in December 1996, Anuj made his first trip out to California. One day, we went down to Pebble Beach and Monterrey to check out the coast. Since it was the winter, the weather was rainy and when we were driving back the storm strengthened suddenly. We were on Highway 1 and the rain and winds were so strong that we thought we could get swept away. It seemed like it was just Anuj and I on this lonely, incredibly dark road. We decided to get away from the ocean (Highway 1 is often right on the water) and turned on to Highway 84 near San Gregorio Beach. After much winding and turning, we got back to Palo Alto. While scary for a few minutes, it was a fun day overall. And most of all we were together - so it is one of my most cherished memories now.

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