Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Some Additional Memories of Anuj

"Anuj was a MEng student my freshman year at MIT. I remember him encouraging me during the inflatable Bungee-run on my first day of rush. I remember overnighting in his room and how considerate of me he was. That red carpet is certainly memorable. I remember going to play pickup football with him and several others on October 24, 1998 – the first day snow was predicted – shocking to an Arizonan. On the way over, he told me a story of how Leo Malave had lost three brother’s badges, effectively, and correctly, predicting that my future badge would join the abyss.

My memory of Anuj that most accurately describes his wonderful character and his ability to care for each of us occurred when I was rush chair a few years later. I’d sought out a lot of former rush chairs for advice; however, I believe Anuj was the one who gave me a call from across the country. Most folks will give you advice from a “here’s how not to screw up rush/the house” perspective. Not Anuj. I remember him asking about me, to see if I was doing alright, and trying to find out how I was holding up. Of course Anuj cared about the house, but he effortlessly found a way to care about the individuals first. This reminds me of how much of a lesser man I am. But that’s a good thing; Anuj can still teach me things and that active connection means part of him is still with me.

I think about what the world has lost. Not only will a great man be gone, but so will his contributions to the world, like children, and grandchildren. Anuj would have been a great father. I know many of us believe that this existence is preparation for the next. To that end, the only way I can find any peace in this is to think that Anuj had made so many wonderful connections to us and the rest of the world that he was exceedingly well prepared."

- Warren

"I can not tell in words how shocked I am by the sad news about our friend Anuj.

The whole year at Wharton, he impressed us with his intelligence and his extremely down-to-earth and helpful character. I remember how embarrassed he was in the last leadership lecture when he forgot to thank a 15th classmate for helping to bring the speakers to class. Even if he had done the major part of the work, he would still only praise his classmates. Always a smile, always selfless behavior, never a sad word…

Anuj, you truly inspired me and I am sure you inspired everybody who crossed your way. We will miss you but you will always be in our hearts."

- Marco

"Last year on July 4, Anuj invited us all to Flo's place in San Leandro and later took us to Oakland where we watched the fireworks from Jack London Square. We had a great time. He and Flo cooked up a lot of tasty treats from scratch including samosas, chicken bites, home made ice cream, etc. We ate and hung out at the apartment in San Leandro for a while and then drove up to Oakland. On the way, he shared some history about Oakland and the East Bay. It was very interesting since that part of the metropolis is often overshadowed by the big city to the west.

At Jack London Square we all regrouped and staked out a great place to watch the fireworks show. Anuj, as considerate as ever, brought some folding chairs for mom and dad to sit on during the display. The show itself was spectacular. The fireworks were fired from a barge in the bay. The entire square was packed with people enjoying the show - an incredibly festive atmosphere. Afterwards, as we went our separate ways, Anuj called a few times to make sure we found the right exit after driving around Lake Merritt. He was thoughtful that way and just wanted to make sure his family got home safe.

Remembering it today is extremely painful. But I can still manage a smile because Anuj was the consumate host as usual and we had a lot of fun. July 4th will never be the same."

- Neal


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I learned about your web site from the message board at Oprah.com. I'm glad I dropped by. Loss is difficult. It's the soul that lives on. Given all the lives he touched, I'm certain that he'll live on in all those around him.

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