Friday, August 25, 2006

Another Collection of Memories

"It's funny the way memories work. They've got a strange quality of being at once as vivid as day while at the same time slipping away like grains of sand through your fingers...

On one occasion, we drove up to Tahoe together, leaving a day later than the larger group due to conflicts on both of our schedules. I picked him up in San Leandro and unbelievably blew a tire pulling out of the parking space. My favor to him of a 4-hour ride to the mountains turned into his supporting me through a 12-hour ordeal of finding a place to get it fixed, arguing with a dealer about Saturday work schedules, getting everything taken care of and finally making it up to the mountains, well later than the rest of the group. But, as ever, he was cheerful and upbeat, and in the end, what could have been a frustrating occasion became a great opportunity to spend plenty of time together - the sort of opportunity people never seem to value as much as they should. There were other road trips too, back in the day. North to Montreal, South to DC. The sort of old college trips whose pictures never fail to shock with the impression of youth staring back through the frame. Great, great fun.

Anuj stood with me at my wedding, something I'll obviously always remember. Weddings are great for memories because they generate plenty of pictures, but for the bride and groom, there's far too little time to spread amongst everyone there. For that reason it's the moments before the wedding itself, having the chance to take a bit of quiet time just with Anuj and the other groomsmen, that I remember the most. Fleeting moments, but memorable without question.

... I started flipping through old photos of events, and time after time after time, there he is, happy, healthy and well. Usually with his eyes closed, as anyone who's tried to take a picture of him can attest, but rarely without a truly genuine smile."

- Grant


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