Saturday, August 26, 2006

Back to School

It is back to school season for students across the country. Last year around this time, Anuj also returned to the academic life after six years in the professional world. Though he insisted it was no big deal, Anuj was looking forward to going to The Wharton School for his MBA. As mentioned before, he was very interested in business and entrepreneurship. Having the chance to explore these fields for two years with some of the best faculty and students in the world was an exciting proposition.

Getting his parents' blessings and together after a farewell lunch. Summer 2005.
On the day he flew out, Anuj stopped by his parents' place to get their blessings. The rest of the family and Flo joined them there as well. Mom and Dad surprised him with an iPod since they knew Anuj loved to listen to music especially while studying (he was the consummate multi-tasker). Afterwards, everybody went to the Peninsula Creamery in Palo Alto for a farewell lunch. It was a typically beautiful Northern California summer day. The discussion centered around classes he was planning on taking, whether he had actually finished packing, and when he was going to come back to visit. At lunch he wrote his new Philadelphia address on a paper napkin. Upon finishing the meal, Anuj exchanged hugs with his parents, brothers and Hema. He took the red eye to the east coast that evening.

In the few months that he owned it, Anuj made full use of that iPod. Whenever he would visit, he made sure to bring it with him. He often relaxed by reading a book and listening to an eclectic set of tunes. A year later, his iPod is full of beautiful music and Mom still has that napkin with his address.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That lunch at the Creamery was so delightful. I remember it being laid back--a classic afternoon in California. Anuj talked about some of his classes, Neal gave big brother advice about which clubs to join, and we all joked with Anuj about how he had waited until the last minute to pack. The tikka ceremony back at home was also lovely. Anuj cherished that iPod. One day I remember catching him listening to it while simulatenously reading Amartya Sen's "Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny." I also remember later that afternoon having a riveting conversation about the book and wondering how he could have absorbed the words and the music all at the same time. He truly had multi-tasking down to a science. He was a star in every possible way.


1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every time we drive past that Apple Store in downtown Palo Alto, I can’t help but cry. That morning when Anuj was leaving for Wharton, I had to wake up early and run to the Apple store to get the ipod. I was so happy for him.
I remember the lunch, the paper napkin with you address, the desk clock that you gave mom to keep, the smile on your face, as if it was yesterday. I miss you so much.


1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. You made that picture so vivid, so real. The love and bond between you three brothers is realmless.

8:39 PM  

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