Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jing Jing

While Anuj loved to cook, he also enjoyed discovering great restaurants. His friends and family could count on him for recommending a little known eatery that had a must-try dish or a unique style of preparing a particular cuisine. His tastes in dining establishments were as eclectic as his preferences in music or movies (which of course we hope to write about in subsequent posts). Among Chinese restaurants, one of his favorites was a place called Jing Jing located in downtown Palo Alto. In an area with a plethora of such establishments, Jing Jing has long stood out for its unique style of spicy Szechuan and Hunan cooking. With its low-key and unassuming decor, the emphasis is on the food. Anuj's favorite dish was the Hunan lamb. He made sure he picked it every time he went there.

Celebrating his birthday with family and friends at Jing Jing. Spring 2004.

To see the Citysearch profile of Jing Jing, click here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I remember most about that dinner wasn't that the lamb dish was divine, but that Anuj everso gently suggested it. He didn't do the usual "you must try the lamb" bit that others do. His was a gentle way, one that I have always admired, and hope to emulate. I find myself falling short, though, because the truth is that Anuj came as close to perfect as anyone I've ever known or will know.


5:38 PM  
Blogger Meena said...

This photo was so wonderful. I could feel the warm ambience, almost smell the rich spices and hear the sounds of the chopsticks hitting the rice bowls. It is no coincidence that dear Anuj’s birthday was celebrated there. I could not help but see the significance of the restaurant’s name – Jing Jing. Jing, of course, referring to the vital energy of body and mind. Chi is an inner energy which can transform itself to this inner power, Jing. Anuj had that inner power. But it was more – it was the kind of inner power that commitment, generosity, patience, and virtue is made of. He truly was Jing. He truly was our strength.


9:14 AM  

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