Friday, August 04, 2006

Software Entrepreneurship: Part I

In addition to his deep interest in technology, Anuj was passionate about entrepreneurship. He had his own little startup at an early age, made entrepreneurship an integral part of his career, and played a leadership role in cultivating interest and knowledge about building companies while at school.

One of the endeavors Anuj was most proud of was the Software Entrepreneurship Series of the 8000-member MIT Club of Northern California. He was on the leadership team of the alumni association and focused on building technology-related programs for its members. Anuj founded this new venture forum when he was surprised to find that there was no established mechanism for people with MIT affiliation to discuss issues of entrepreneurship in the software industry. He built the organization from scratch and turned it into a regular series of lectures, panels and gatherings of CEOs, VCs, technology visionaries and successful entrepreneurs. It is dedicated to presenting trends, opportunities, challenges and innovative business practices related to new ventures. This program, more than anything else, made Anuj so well regarded around Silicon Valley.

As Chair, Anuj led this forum for several years until 2005 when he left the Bay Area to get his MBA. He organized events every couple of months and tried to bring together people across the spectrum of the software industry so that they could network and build new insights about their respective businesses. Thanks to his efforts, this lecture and discussion series is still going strong today.

Click here to learn more about the Software Entrepreneurship Series.

Part II will include some examples of events Anuj orchestrated as well as the feedback we have received regarding his efforts.


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