Sunday, August 06, 2006

Software Entrepreneurship: Part II

As mentioned in Part I, Anuj was proud of the Software Entrepreneurship Series, the lecture and panel program he established and led for years as part of the MIT Club. He orchestrated events covering a wide array of topics and trends in high-tech. They all had a common thread: building great companies in an incredibly dynamic industry. Anuj enjoyed meeting and bringing together brilliant people with similar interests and leading them in the creation of new insights. He said that he learned something new in each of these sessions. It was this program, more than anything else, that made Anuj so well regarded around Silicon Valley.

Reviewing a sampling of the programs put on by this group is like a walk through the recent history of software entrepreneurship...
Software Entrepreneurship - The VC Perspective
Software Development: The Outsourcing Trend
Gaming Software: From Concept to Market
The Software Entrepreneurial Landscape
Network Computing: Opportunities and Challenges

The Potential of Web Services

When Neal was in business school, his classmates would often ask him if he was Anuj's brother. When he said yes, they would describe how impressed they were with a recent event that Anuj organized. Upon Anuj's passing, we found that this opinion was shared by his fellow MIT alums as well who wrote in to share their thoughts. Many of them did not know Anuj personally but benefited from his leadership.

"We were all saddened to hear of the untimely death of Anuj. I had attended a few of the excellent Software Entrepreneurship Lecture Series and his leadership will be missed."

"Although I only interacted with Anuj as a volunteer with the MIT Club of Northern California, I was touched by his good nature and positive attitude from the moment I met him as a new recruit to the club, and through his years of volunteer service. It was a joy to work with him ... from fresh volunteer to the Director of our Software Entrepreneurship Series."

"I would like to express my sympathy and condolences to you. I have enjoyed attending the MIT Software Entrepreneurship programs that Anuj helped put on and champion."


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