Saturday, August 19, 2006

Welcome Home

At home with family in Mountain View. Winter 2004.
Almost exactly four years ago, in summer 2002, Neal received an excited call from Anuj. Their parents and Kapil were moving back to the US after many years in India and Anuj had taken it upon himself to find them a place to live. Anuj had spent the last couple of weekends scouring towns south of San Francisco for the perfect location. When he thought he had found it, he decided to discuss it with his brother who was living in New York at the time.

Anuj had prepared a mental checklist of criteria that the apartment had to meet. The place in Mountain View he narrowed in on was on the first floor making access less strenuous for his aging parents. It was situated in a safe, quiet, leafy neighborhood that smelled of tropical flowers like India and where his parents could go for walks any time of day. He felt that this would smooth their transition into the new community. It had a small garden and several public outdoor areas where Mom and Dad could spend time with friends. Anuj also made sure that it was within walking distance to shopping, including groceries and the local drug store. Finally, his find was near the hospital, easing the burden on his parents while addressing Dad's health issues. In short, it was ideal.

While Anuj called to get a second opinion, Neal knew that it was unnecessary. This was because Anuj went about this decision as he had every other significant one in his life. He had a knack for simplifying any problem by dissecting it to the basics in a meticulous and carefully reasoned manner. When acting on behalf of others, Anuj combined this approach with his usual unparalleled thoughtfulness and genuine concern for his friends' or family's wellbeing.

After deciding that this was the right location, Anuj moved fast and ensured that the apartment would be ready for his parents to move into a few weeks later. When he showed them the new place, he of course did not get into any of the details of his thorough search. He simply said, "welcome home."


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I love this picture. It's one of many memorable family meals together. Anuj would always tell at least one great family story at each meal. He'd do it after everyone else had a chance to say something. I loved the way he always gave everyone the space to talk, and was attentive. When he spoke, his words were measured but always meaningful and added something special to every conversation.

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