Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An Architect's Legacy

Anuj spent the majority of his professional career at Kana, a Silicon Valley software company building multi-channel customer service products. Despite the fact that it is much smaller today than during its heyday in the dotcom era, Kana serves over 600 customers worldwide including half of the Fortune 100. Companies like eBay, Yahoo!, Dell, Citigroup, and Bank of America are among its customers.

While at Kana, Anuj enjoyed a remarkable career trajectory starting as an eager young engineer right out of MIT and progressing to his final role as Managing Architect. He genuinely enjoyed this last job because it allowed him to combine his exceptional technical ability with an abiding interest in building businesses. Anuj led by example, always making sure that he remained an approachable member of the team while simultaneously serving as a mentor to those who worked for him.

In his capacity as Managing Architect, a position he held for nearly two years, Anuj was responsible for the product design and development process - from initial business conception to maturity - for Kana's primary businesses. He managed Kana Service, the flagship product line representing about 50% of its revenue. Anuj oversaw a global engineering group with R&D teams in the US, India and China. In addition to the core suite of products, he helped build out and launch the Service Resolution Management product line, thereby enabling an entirely new revenue stream. Given his business acumen and presence in front of clients, Anuj also handled the company's most strategic relationships from a technical standpoint.

As his Kana colleagues have shared, Anuj's contributions to the company were innumerable. In his last role he left his colleagues with a robust set of products and core platform architecture, an engineering process that is 150% more efficient than before Anuj took over, and many memories of happy lunch conversations and hallway chats.

Anuj was proud of his work and would spend time with his team at all hours of the day to ensure a product's success. In subsequent posts, we hope to cover the rest of his career progression including a few dotcom stories from along the way.

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