Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Collection of Moments

Life is of course just a collection of moments and memories. A few of us have the rare ability to make the moments we share with others simultaneously entertaining and enlightening and invariably warm. According to friends who knew him for a lifetime as well as those who met him but a few times, Anuj was just such a soul.

Enjoying a happy moment with his Wharton cohort at a 76ers game in Philadelphia. Anuj is at the bottom left. Spring 2006.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Anuj,

You have gone to be a twinkle star,
Secure in mighty God’s care,
Nothing can ever take away
The love a heart holds for you
Beautiful memories keep you near,
We worship you in our Mandir
As the incarnation of Buddha, Ramanuj, and Jesus
In thirty years of your time, you have become immortal
Giving love and support to family and friends without expecting anything in return.
Within the clouds of three months of sadness we see you.
You are there beaming as a twinkling star,
We all hear you and see you, now and forever in our hearts.

-Loving Mausi Mohini

11:13 PM  

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