Friday, September 08, 2006


Anuj's blog received its 5000th unique visitor yesterday. Friends from around the world have visited and continue to spend time on this site. We want to thank each and every person who has done so over the last several weeks. You will always be welcome on this ever-changing memorial for our beloved Anuj.

We also appreciate the comments, tributes, emails and other messages that have come in from those who knew Anuj as well as those who didn't but were moved by his story. By spending a few minutes periodically to reflect on his life, his contributions to the world, and the legacy he left behind, we feel that you are honoring Anuj and hope that you leave the website inspired.

Your response has shown that he will continue to live on forever in all of us, and for that you have our sincere gratitude. It gives us the strength and passion to keep growing Anuj's blog.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We remember Anuj all the time. I think he is listening and seeing everything because although he was always a star, he is now a STAR watching over all of us. He is the star that lit up our lives and his starlight will forever shine upon us. When we see a twinkle in the night, we know exactly what that means. Anuj is and will be infinitely in our presence.

8:42 PM  

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