Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hanging Out at Monk's

Like many Wharton students over the years, Anuj enjoyed spending time with friends at Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia. This establishment, which refers to itself as a "Belgian Beer Emporium and Restaurant", is located in Center City near Rittenhouse Square. This is an area of town filled with numerous trendy restaurants, lounges and cafes. Anuj would go to Monk's to unwind over a pint and share stories with good friends or meet new ones, especially in the spring semester. Many of his classmates fondly recall engaging in long, relaxed, and interesting conversations with him there.

Anuj was an incredibly astute listener. Invariably taking an active interest in what his friends had to say, he attentively processed their observations, and offered thoughtful advice, a funny rejoinder, relevant insights, or new ideas depending on what the discussion called for. For his part, Anuj had a genuine knack for telling amusing and entertaining stories, never taking himself seriously, and regaling his companions for hours. He welcomed exchanges on an extremely eclectic array of topics ranging from serious debates over current geopolitical and economic developments to casual banter about sports, movies and music, and from a friend's relationship concerns to his own collection of life experiences.

Despite his extremely busy schedule and long list of extra-curricular commitments on campus, Anuj always tried to find time to hang out with classmates at Monk's or elsewhere. This was especially so when he knew a friend needed to talk. Anuj recognized these relationships as the most enduring things he could take away from business school. He was right. His friends at Wharton will hold him in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

To visit Monk's Cafe on the web, click here.


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