Thursday, September 28, 2006

"How I Will Always Remember Him"

Anuj in college hanging out with his fraternity brothers at a party. They came from all over the world to be with Anuj at the hospital.

"It has been extremely difficult to comprehend this tragedy and I could not help shedding tears when I heard what had happened. I still remember like it was yesterday that I was rushing, and poked my head to the 3rd North Hallway and first saw some extremely red carpet, followed by seeing an extremely happy Indian guy watching baseball on his TV. I still remember him talking about his experiences in Lucknow and Boston, and had a great time watching the game.

Throughout my freshman year (and Anuj's senior year), I will never forget Anuj's appearance, demeanor and personality - always relaxed, laughing, baseball cap usually turned backwards, and always ready to do something fun. I'll never forget doing 6.002 problem sets in the 3rd lounge with Doug Ricket and Will Johnson and having Anuj walk around and lend a helping hand. He had a gift of making everything seem okay and I will never forget his character. It was truly amazing that no matter what happened, nothing could or would ever take that big smile away from Anuj, and that is how I will always remember him."

- Ashok


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