Sunday, September 24, 2006

Parle-G: A Lifelong Indulgence

One of Anuj's guilty pleasures was periodically indulging his sweet tooth. Like many of us, he loved chocolate and enjoyed a big scoop of ice cream. Another treat that he had a particular fondness for throughout his life is a simple, rectangular cookie called Parle-G. These tea biscuits, sold in easily recognizable little yellow packets, have been produced in India since 1939. The 'G' stands for glucose and the cookies are known for the immediate sugar-driven energy boost they provide. Immensely popular among Indians of all ages, Parle-G is the largest selling cookie brand in the world. Anuj first discovered them when his family moved to India and quickly fell in love with their uncomplicated, sweet taste. In fact, he took a pack of Parle-G cookies with him to school nearly every day while growing up. All his friends knew where to go if they had a craving for something sweet.

When Anuj moved back to the US, he thought he would have to outgrow his love of those cookies. In college and for years afterwards, he enjoyed them only on his trips back to India. A few years ago, he was walking around an Indian grocery store in Silicon Valley, when he came across a shelf stacked with Parle-G cookies. Anuj was both pleasantly surprised and excited that his childhood sweet tooth fix was now readily available in America. He promptly bought a bunch to treat himself as well as share with his friends who for years wondered what he was talking about when he recalled the little yellow packets of Parle-G.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I had known how much Anuj liked Parle-G crackers. Every time he came by to our place, I'd wonder what to serve. I'd see the Parle-G crackers in the pantry and think to myself "oh, they're not worthy of Anuj" and inevitably end up serving Madeleines or something else that didn't seem so plain. If only I had known that he had a fondness for Parle-G crackers, just as I did. While I'll be incredibly sad everytime I see a packet, it will also serve as a reminder that I shared something in common with someone whom I admired so much.

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