Friday, September 29, 2006

Reaching the Beach

When Anuj worked at Kana, he would often travel to New Hampshire from the Bay Area. Kana had merged with another company located there and maintained that office after the deal closed. Many of the product development people he worked with were based there.

Six years ago this week, Anuj was in New Hampshire on just such a business trip. After a few days of working with the engineering team there, he stayed the weekend to participate in the Reach the Beach Relay. Kana had entered a team in this 200-mile race and Anuj was of course excited to participate given his love of running and perpetual desire to challenge himself. Yes, running was yet another sport he actively engaged in.

Reach the Beach is the longest running relay race in the United States and raises money for numerous community organizations in New Hampshire. Its picturesque course cuts through the state during the early Fall foliage season starting in the Bretton Woods high country and ending at the Atlantic coast in Hampton Beach.

Despite the scenic course, the race itself is a grueling competition. Anuj and nine teammates had to traverse 200 miles over varying terrain in 24 hours. The Kana team competed strongly, overcame numerous physical challenges, and generally had a great time raising money for a number of worthy causes.

Anuj with his relay race teammates. Fall 2000.

A couple days before the race, in order to round out his team, Anuj called up one of his college friends who was still living in Boston. Anuj told him that he was in the area and asked if his friend wanted to visit New Hampshire and maybe go for a run over the weekend. His friend drove up to see Anuj. Little did he know that the casual run he had in mind would turn out to be a 24-hour relay race across the state! He of course joined the team and enjoyed the experience. To this day, that friend credits Anuj with cultivating his love for running.

Six years ago today, our dear Anuj was running across the vibrantly colored hills of New England. We know he had that ever-present smile on his face because he was conquering yet another challenge he had found for himself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of the wonderful way Anuj encouraged those around him to reach not just for the beach but for the stars. With him, anything was possible. He was unlike any other.

Anuj, you will never, ever be forgotten. We miss you, man.

8:23 PM  

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