Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Anuj's Handiwork: More Examples...

Anuj building a set of benches from planks of plywood with his friends. This was one of the freshman pledge projects in his college fraternity. On the right is the finished product. These benches still exist today over 10 years later. Anuj showed them to his parents when he took them to MIT in 2004.

Anuj refinishing a set of rooms in his fraternity while in college. This was part of another team project. His friends all appreciated how Anuj made all these tasks so much more fun through his casual laugh, great stories and knack for taking any challenge that came up in stride.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

His handiwork reminded me of several occasion of when he use to be high school. Anuj was the kind of person who would want people to be invloved and contribute to a project. At home in India, he use to often fix his bike on Sundays and every now and then would tell me how things are done. I remember it was Andy who taught me how to tie shoe laces for the first time.
Miss you alot.


1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember very clearly the day when you showed us
these beautifully finished BENCH. New students were enjoying the TV, while sitting on them.
You were extremely happy to see them, & said with your beautiful smile ,mom, dad that was our project.
On this 11Th day of the month, I am really missing you my dear son ANUJ
Love you very much

9:58 PM  

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