Sunday, October 08, 2006

Anuj's Handiwork

Anybody who spent time with Anuj knew what an incredible mind he had. We've already written about some of his contributions in the academic and professional worlds. However, Anuj also enjoyed working with his hands. The engineer in him really liked to build stuff.

Anuj would often spend weekend afternoons constructing things from scratch like a bookshelf for his growing literature collection. Once he brought an old breakfast table to his parents' home. When they asked what it was for, he simply said it was going to be a project that he and Dad would work on together. Anuj thought it would be a great way for the two engineers to spend time together turning something apparently past its prime into a useful piece of furniture. Anuj and Dad proceeded to repair, sand and varnish the table until it was like new. They both had a great time working on it that weekend. Mom and Dad used that table for years afterwards.

In college, Anuj once built an entire basketball court in a week with some of his fraternity brothers. It was during "Work Week" when all residents took part in projects that contributed to the physical betterment of the house or otherwise improved life in the fraternity. Seeing potential in an irregularly shaped dead space behind the house, Anuj led a project to turn it into a recreation area that would be used not only by current residents but future classes for years to come. The finished product was not NBA quality by any means but it stands as a testament to what a powerful combination vision and craftsmanship can be.

Anuj removing some rotten drywall while at Wharton.

Anuj took his affinity for hands-on work into business school as well. This was particularly useful during a "Rebuilding Together" project where he spent hours reconstructing a home for underprivileged members of Philadelphia society.

The bookshelf, table, basketball court and house are part of Anuj's legacy of creativity. These tangible reminders of his time with us are the physical complement to the innumerable novel and insightful ideas he left behind. We know that both will benefit his family and our society for years to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's so much I learn about Anuj everyday. For example, I didn't know that the table which I had seen at Mom and Dad's place a million times was one of his creations. But it doesn't surprise me. He was capable of anything, and put his soul into everything he set out to do. Anuj's mind produced so many innovative ideas and from the magic of his hands is the tangible evidence that he was a craftsman. His passion for life was unrivaled. He is and will always be the anchor of our family.

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