Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Entrepreneurship at Wharton

As we have blogged about before, entrepreneurship was in Anuj's blood. In fact, it was something he gravitated towards in every stage of his life no matter what organization he was part of. His time in the MBA program at Wharton was no exception. Soon after arriving on campus Anuj started engaging in events and activities geared towards current and aspiring entrepreneurs. He joined the Wharton Entrepreneurship Club where he brought business leaders to campus to share their experiences, managed expert panels at gatherings such as the annual Technology Conference, and generally led efforts to cultivate an environment where entrepreneurial ideas would thrive.

Anuj not only participated in and eventually led programs that had existed previously at Wharton but, as any true entrepreneur would, brought a set of new ideas with him as well. One such idea was putting in place a fellowship for entrepreneurs at Wharton that would consist of a rigorous sequence of courses, a paid internship at a startup, and regular mentoring from industry leaders. Modeled after the Mayfield Fellows program at Stanford, this program would be sponsored by a prominent VC firm and allow deserving MBA students to hone their practical skills, and gain real experience, in the leadership of new business ventures.

Over time Anuj's passion for entrepreneurship and ability to lead organizations, large and small, became apparent to his fellow students. He was elected Co-President of the Wharton Entrepreneurship Club. Anuj was incredibly excited to serve his classmates in this role and planned to implement a number of innovative programs during his second year, including his fellowship idea. Given his track record of finding a way to get things done for the people who counted on him, we have no doubt that he would have turned many of his new ideas into reality for the Wharton community.

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