Monday, October 16, 2006

On the Promenade

Anuj, Kapil and Hema in Santa Monica, California. Spring 2006.
Earlier this year Anuj and his family were strolling down the Third Street Promenade near the beach in Santa Monica, California. Hema recalls that afternoon...

"We stopped several times to observe street performers, reveling in the convivial atmosphere that attracts so many tourists and LA natives alike to this strip. Anuj and I were walking and chatting about his past year at Wharton when he stopped to look at a store across the street. "We discussed that store in one of our classes," he said slipping his hands into his pockets. It was Zara, a popular clothing store with showrooms in over 60 countries around the world. We decided to poke around the store for a few minutes. Once inside, I told him about my numerous shopping excursions at Zara. I showed him the price tags, which for many years would force shoppers to look at two columns of flags and prices in various currencies to track down the cost in US dollars. They had simplified the tags in recent years. He listened attentively, nodding his head while asking interesting questions about price points and what made women want to shop at Zara. As we walked outside, I realized that I had learned a lot about Zara from Anuj, but it wasn't by him regurgitating a bunch of facts he had gathered in business school. He taught me—whether or not his intent—by asking me a myriad of insightful questions. His was an insatiable, curious mind. No matter how much he knew about a particular topic, Anuj always felt he could learn something more. In sharing this curiosity so readily with those around him, he invariably helped others learn something new."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There isn't a moment in the day that my thoughts don't drift towards our beloved Anuj. He is in my constant thought. He is in everything I do and see. Our beloved Anuj has taught me a lifefull of lessons. He has taught me to open my heart, to lend a helping hand, to think twice before I speak, and to appreciate everything, big and small, in life. He lives on inside of each one of us and guides us everyday. He is our inner voice that tells us the right things to do. Our dearest Anuj was extraordinary on this earth and I know he continues this among the stars. I love and miss him so much. The tears just don't stop.


2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the brightest star in the sky that shines with all its glory and flickers, telling us in a way that you are with us and all we need to do is look up and you will be there looking upon all of us with the same smiling face as you have been all our lives. Thanks!!!!!


6:32 PM  
Blogger Meena said...

This photograph brought me to tears because it was the day that I met you all again after so many years. After spending those few precious hours with you all, I remember driving home with Walid telling him endless stories about all of you and our times in Ann Arbor. We talked about our lunch that afternoon and how very blessed I felt to have you so close by and in our lives. I truly was blessed to have seen you all and to be touched by Anuj, a true angel.


11:05 PM  

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