Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns

As kids growing up in small town Michigan, Anuj and Neal thoroughly enjoyed Halloween. Often their costumes fit together in a theme. One year, during their G.I. Joe phase, the two brothers went as Army Rangers (Kapil was way to small to pass as a soldier at that point.) A lot of planning and coordination went into those costumes including trips to the military surplus store and coordination with the neighbor kids so they could trick-or-treat as a unit of four. Trick-or-treating in Saline was great fun as most homes were very welcoming. There were kids all over the neighborhood with bags of candy steadily growing heavier. Anuj would sometimes run into an elementary school friend or two on his route.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, the Mohan family would pick out pumpkins from the local farmer's market and Anuj would carve them with Dad. Over the years the two of them got pretty good at this ritual. Regardless of the outcome though, the newly carved jack o' lanterns were proudly displayed outside the front door where they would welcome costumed kids to pick out candy from the Mohan stash.

A couple years ago, Anuj brought a huge pumpkin over to Mom and Dad's home in the Bay Area. There he and Dad rekindled their love of carving pumpkins together. After years of being out of practice though, the results were not as good as they were growing up in Michigan. Undaunted, Mom used some of the pumpkin to create an Indian vegetable dish that was actually quite tasty.

A pumpkin Anuj helped carve a few years ago. Fall 2001.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missing you on this HALLOWEEN & always....
All the stories about are heartwarming,
Thank you for teaching me so much....
May you full fill your purpose in all lives,
With love,
A long time friend

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