Sunday, October 22, 2006

Starry Night

During the early fall season, Northern California enjoys a virtually uninterrupted string of clear, cloudless evenings. This Diwali was no exception. Gazing upon the starlit sky, we could not help but think that one of the twinkling points of light was Anuj smiling down upon us this holiday. As previously described, for most years of his life, Anuj took the lead in lighting up the family's home on Diwali. Seeing the many bright stars breaking up the surrounding blackness last night, we knew Anuj was doing the same this year even though he was not physically with us.

In 2002, when his parents first moved to the Bay Area, Anuj was able to spend Diwali with them after an interval of many years. He enthusiastically helped Dad put up lights in their apartment. The hooks and nails he put in place then would be used in every subsequent year when the Mohan family brought out the lights to mark the holiday.

Last year on what would be his final Diwali, Anuj called Mom from Philadelphia to tell her that he had bought some lights for his apartment. Given his intense schedule at business school, he could not make the trip out to California to share the holiday with his family. Nevertheless, he was determined to celebrate by lighting up his home just as he did while growing up. And he wanted to remind his parents to do the same using, of course, those very hooks he put up years ago.

Anuj and Dad lighting clay lamps at his parents' home. Fall 2004.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whole day I remember dear Anuj. I did puja with heavy heart. Dear Anuj’s picture is there with Ganesh ji. The Diya is still on. Asking from God to give us strength and peace.
Lots of love,

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we miss our beloved Anuj on this day of Diwali ( light ), very much, we saw that there are people around the world, who kept DIYA, (CANDLE ) BURNING ALL NIGHT IN DEAR ANUJ'S HONOR & did Pooja remembering him. We thank them very much.

Although he is tremendously missed,but is survived by the warm memories he left in the hearts of millions whom he met, even for a very short time.

10:45 PM  

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