Thursday, October 05, 2006

Without You

In sleep
I see you beaming
the dimple
on your right cheek
your teeth peeking
from behind your lips

I wake
to scour every room
hoping to hear you
rap at the door
faded kalavas
on your right wrist
getting in from a long
distant journey

The day passes
and I find you everywhere
in every waking thought
at the stoplight
in the market
beside me while
I'm driving to an abode
that isn't a home
to a family that isn't whole
without you

- h


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We remember Anuj all the time. I think he is listening & seeing everything because although he was always a star, he is now a Star watching over all of us. He is the star that lit up our lives & his star light will forever shine upon us. When we see a twinkle in the night, we know exactly what that means.
Anuj is & will be infinitely in our presence.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Meena said...

This poem moved me so deeply because it conveys the immeasurable pain and sorrow felt by dear Anuj’s physical absence. Yet he is still with us. Everywhere we turn, day or night, rain or shine, every moment he is there. In the tenderness of a child’s touch, a comforting smile, in a beautiful work of art, in a poem, in a ray of sunlight, in a warm breeze, and in a gentle whisper, Anuj is there. In this absence is his great presence.
He is our guiding light and our strength in all that we do because he touched us like no other.

9:08 PM  

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