Sunday, November 05, 2006

Election Night

Along with all his other interests, Anuj was a big news junkie. No matter how busy he was, Anuj always found a way to stay well-versed in the day's current events from all corners of the world. When it came to a discussion of the political, cultural or economic zeitgeist, his friends and family knew that they could always find an informed and thoughtful partner in Anuj.

Before dinner on election night. Fall 2004.

Since Anuj shared this interest with other members of the Mohan family, election season resulted in many spirited discussions and debates. Instead of taking a black and white, Democratic or Republican, stand like many are inclined to do, Anuj could be counted on to offer a more nuanced position on the issues. That is what made discussing politics with him so interesting. Anuj invariably managed to offer an insight not put forward in newspaper op-eds or political blogs. He would quietly and systematically lay out his argument for why his vote would go a certain way. After that he made sure to listen carefully to opposing opinions and offer rebuttal only after thoughtfully considering those views. And just as importantly, unlike many engaged in public debate today, he refrained from offering empty or regurgitated commentary on issues he had not formulated a clear opinion on. Maybe it was all those years of leading his winning debate team in high school. Whatever the reason, Anuj brought an original perspective to any conversation on current events especially during an election.

The last major election we shared with him was 2004. Anuj came by after voting and we watched the presidential and congressional election results unfold throughout the evening together. We joked about the political gaffes committed by the main contenders, shared differing opinions on the candidates' political strategies, and generally had a good time over dinner flipping between the various networks and cable news channels for hours.

This year, in the current heated election season, we miss Anuj's measured discourse, amusing observances, and willingness to always hear another view.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Anuj,

I could find lots of poetic ways of saying it but nothing captures it better than three very simple words: I miss you. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you, your kindness, and that incredible smile. You're an everpresent part of my every day, and you always will be.

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