Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Feast - A Few Days Early

In early November 2004, Anuj called his family to let them know that he would have to travel to Bangalore, India on business, and would therefore not be in town on Thanksgiving day. The Mohan clan loved gathering for Anuj's Thanksgiving feasts, which consisted of succulent turkey, several different types of stuffing, apple and cherry pies made from scratch, and other amazing concoctions he and Flo would labor for hours and hours in the kitchen to create.

Never being one to disappoint, Anuj proposed a plan B--he would whip up an authentic Thanksgiving meal with all of the trimmings before leaving for India. True to his word, the weekend before Thanksgiving Thursday, he invited the Mohan clan and a few of his friends to his parents' home where he and Flo prepared an extraordinary meal while poring over flour-laced pages from several cookbooks, buttering pans of every shape and size, and keeping everyone's wine glasses full while we awaited the mouth-watering meal ahead. The stuffing had tart green apples and raisins. The turkey was lovingly basted and cooked to perfection. There was a well executed salad, which Anuj was self-deprecating about because he felt it contained too much parsley. For dessert, there were scrumptious pies of every variety. At the end of the evening, Anuj sent everyone home with a few goodies, which we relished for days.

Kapil attentively observed Anuj's meticulous cooking process. Last year, he and Mom replicated many of the elements of our 2004 meal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SARALA JI Said......

I only remember your affection & Deepa's parents brief visit.....
Neal & Anuj playing in our back yard.....
Then 30 years were over and here again we feel the same affection
for your family.
We also feel humble not to be able
to know life's mysteries"

Sarala jiji

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turkey Feast --- a few days early
You are gone ---- too much early

Our beloved Son Anuj,

Your presence is lost in all the possibilities of your future.
But we see your ever smiling face in every Flower around us,
We see your ever smiling face before every meal we eat
We have to prepare us to a better &
firmer grounds.
Our humanity to sorrow & strength
is intertwined

We miss you so much
mom & dad

8:30 AM  
Blogger Meena said...

This Thanksgiving was a very quiet one for us. It was just Walid and I and a few preparations were done at home. It was so different this year because each holiday has taken on a different meaning now. Thanksgiving made all of us realize how thankful we should be for each and every moment in our lives and for each moment we spend with loved ones and those we care about. The last few months have caused us to deeply reflect on life and how we should interact with others. Dearest Anuj always lived his life by giving to others first. He was an example to all and we are truly thankful to him for what he taught and for what he continues to teach - love, compassion, and generosity. We were blessed by his presence then and now for eternity because he will always be a part of us.

5:51 PM  
Blogger Meena said...

These candles are lit for dear Anuj on Thanksgiving. He is our peace, love, and faith and shines his light upon on us every night. Thank you dear Anuj for being everyone's hope and strength. We miss you.

6:58 PM  

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