Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Walking for Your Kidneys: Part II

Anuj took part in his first Kidney Walk, we believe he found it to be a fun activity that was also an effective way to raise money for a great cause - The National Kidney Foundation. The next year, instead of just participating, Anuj decided that he would play a leadership role in organizing the annual event. For several weeks before the 2005 Walk, Anuj would drive 40 miles from San Leandro to San Jose early on Saturday mornings to plan the event with fellow volunteer leaders and Kidney Foundation staff.

Checking participants in and raising money before the Kidney Walk. Spring 2005.

On the morning of the Kidney Walk, by the time the rest of the Mohan family arrived, Anuj was already at Shoreline Park in Mountain View manning the registration desk and generally making sure that the event progressed smoothly. He made new friends, joked with family, and took part in the walk, all the while with one eye focused on the logistics of the fundraiser. Afterwards, he stayed behind to help his fellow volunteers clean up and reflect upon an effort that raised tens of thousands of dollars for families afflicted with kidney disease all over the Bay Area.

Walking to raise money for kidney health with the family near San Francisco Bay. Spring 2005

Anuj didn't volunteer for these types of efforts out of a sense of duty. Obligation is only a motivating factor when one feels that the endeavor is arduous in some way. To Anuj, helping people was never arduous, but rather simply the way he lived his life. He just enjoyed, and derived a sense of fulfillment from, going out of his way for others. It was this outlook that allowed Anuj to make such an indelible impact on those around him despite his short time on this earth. We can only imagine how he would have channeled this passion for helping those in need if he was blessed with more years with us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very few can understand
the loss & deep sadness
you're experiencing,
but may you find comfort
in the loving memories of your son
and support in the compassion
and caring of your friends.

It is most shocking news to me in my entire life.
I could not believe it has to happen to us.

With most sincere Love & Regard,
Ram & Vijaya Gupta

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I failed to send a bouquet of flowers –
to my sister Deepa on her birthday on 9th November –
because THE most beautiful FLOWER –
had only just begun to bloom in her precious, well-tended garden –
nurtured by Deepa for thirty years with her tender love and care –
only to be taken away too far beyond our reach –
by an Angel in the blue sky –
to shine as a STAR forever and ever -

with love –


9:29 PM  

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