Saturday, December 16, 2006

Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity

We have mentioned Alpha Delta Phi (ADP) in several previous posts. ADP is the fraternity Anuj was a part of during his years at MIT. He joined the organization a week after coming to campus in 1994 (fraternity rush occurred right after the first few days of orientation there). Some of his best lifelong friends were fellow members of his pledge class or other brothers in the fraternity. Anuj lived in the ADP house with these friends and many of his extra-curricular activities in college centered around the fraternity: community service, intramural sports, road trips, parties and generally hanging out. As we have in the past, we will share as many stories about these times as we can. In this post however, we wanted to relate some information about the ADP fraternity and the MIT (Lambda Phi) chapter.

Anuj with his ADP fraternity brothers. Fall 1994. He is in the second row, smiling with a backwards baseball cap on.

Alpha Delta Phi was founded in 1832 at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York by Samuel Eells. Founded as a literary society, it evolved into one of the more distinguished of the original American college fraternities. ADP has retained its focus on its literary roots in its chapters at colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. According to its founder, the fraternity was established with the intent that "this new association, with a true philosophical spirit, looking to the entire man, develop his whole being—moral, social and intellectual." There are about 50 chapters and its alumni include presidents, chief justices, senators, business and academic leaders, and artists. Some of the most prominent members of the ADP brotherhood are Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Salmon P. Chase.

The MIT chapter was founded on April 3, 1976 and over the years became a major influence on campus. The ADP house is located on Massachusetts Avenue near Central Square in Cambridge. It is a 10-15 minute walk to the main campus. This is where Anuj lived during his five years at MIT. And it is here that he built countless shared memories with his fraternity brothers and classmates.

To learn more about Alpha Delta Phi, click here.

To learn more about ADP at MIT, click here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I visited the website and read through the touching tributes and news accounts of Anuj's life.
He will remain an inspiration and
a shining light in so many lives
that he touched, including mine..............
....... Sharing with others will provide value and meaning and lighten the grif.
with loving regards,
Abhay Bhushan

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just came to know of the tragedy.
I just wish God be with his Family & friends. A truly amazing person.

Avinash ( Batch of 1998, SFC )

12:55 PM  

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