Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Memories

Anuj along with Dad and Kapil during one of his trips back to India which happened to be around Christmas time. Christmas 1995.

Anuj along with the family on a more recent Christmas Eve. Christmas 2003.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you guys will see this as you are going to India today. We are so heartbroken over the news of dearest Mausaji. There are no words to describe the shock, pain, and sadness we are feeling. We are praying for all of you as you travel to India in this difficult and heartwrenching time. I am praying for strength for you all. We love you so very much. If there is anything you need, we are here for you for anything.

I believe that our beloved Anuj has been reunited with our dearest Aditya Mausaji. I know that they are together once again.

With all of our love and prayers to dearest Kapil, Neal, and Hema.
Love you so much,
Ruby, Shamir, Raina, and Ria

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Deepa Mausi,
We are thinking of all of you at every single moment of each day as you cope with the immeasurable loss of dear Mausaji. We are without words but pray that God grant you all the strength to endure these painful days of loss and arrive at a place of peace by knowing that both dear Mausaji and dear Anuj are together again. Their memories are keepsakes of time that will forever live in our hearts. We love you very much.

Meena and Walid

9:28 PM  

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