Thursday, December 07, 2006

Light a Candle...

And I will light a candle for you
To shatter all the darkness and bless the times we knew.
Like a beacon in the night,
The flame will burn bright, and guide us on our way.
Oh, today I light a candle for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We think of you often and realize how difficult it is to lose a child even when he is a young adult. We bet that many times you pinch yourself & wonder if this is real or are you dreaming . It takes a long while for the shock of something like this to sort of wear off and become what I call
" part of the grist of life."
Our special thoughts are with you as you go through this.
Holidays add their own twist to the grieving process.
Remember our doors is aways open to you.
Allan And Harriet

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kapil,

To begin with, I did not know Anuj personally, i.e. until yesterday. I chanced upon your website while I was searching St Francis on blogspot, hoping to get some good pics from school which could bring back some distant memories. However, when I saw the school pic given on website, I remembered Anuj as a senior I had seen very often at college. And to be very honest, like what many people wrote on the site, the first memory that came to my mind was of Anuj laughing his heart out... I was a wannabe debator, four years younger to Anuj, when Anuj was an accomplished one already and then like one-debator-to-another, you tend to remember all faces that walked the stage in St Francis.

Needless to say, Anuj was an accomplished individual but as I read and re-read the website that your family has put up, I think I found many things to remember and learn... and I felt it was my duty to bring more and mor people here to read and learn, as also it was to let those know about Anuj, who may have known him, even if for a short while.

In my current job, I work as a Team Lead and today, when I went back, the first statement I made when brain storming the first problem of the day with my team mate was, "What do you think?"

I think I just discovered a small Anuj in me... and hope I continue doing so by touching as many lives as possible... just like Anuj.

Thanks for writing back,


5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gave me courage to enter the Hall,
You gave me strength to face the situation,
All of a sudden I saw a ever smiling beautiful face of our beloved son, Anuj
"calm & quite",saying mom are you o.k.
And I got all the strength, courage, & peace , I needed.

You were my angle at that very moment

I still believe that you are with me every second of the day.

Love you so much & miss you a lot

9:43 PM  
Blogger Meena said...

Dearest Anuj entered my thoughts tonight as he often does. He was truly our light guiding us through life through the example he set for all of us. Buddhist teachings say that thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. He lives in our hearts forever, spreading his joy and love for life, teaching us all the while that goodness keeps the candles burning.
With love,

9:59 PM  
Anonymous hema said...

Anuj, you are forever cherished and deeply missed.

"With candles and flowers, he was one of ours."

-Natalie Merchant

12:22 PM  

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