Monday, December 18, 2006

More ADP Memories

Last time we wrote about Anuj's college fraternity, ADP. Here are some pictures from that time in his life:

In front of the ADP seal at a fraternity house while on a roadtrip to Montreal. Seals like these adorn the walls of the MIT house as well. Anuj's picture with his class is also permanently displayed there.

Hanging out with friends in the main basement lounge (with the big TV) of the ADP house. This is where Anuj would often watch the Patriots or the Red Sox with fellow sports fans, help freshman finish problem sets or simply regale his fraternity brothers with his great stories.

Anuj with friends at a fraternity semi-formal. This party was on a boat in Boston.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our beloved Son crossed our mind again today, on this Holiday Season & Dec.19th

We really miss you so badly that we can not take away your face from our mind,heart & entire body. the thought that" you have left us forever and will never come back or call us", makes us continuously cry inside with the tears in our eyes.We feel you have left with a permanent bond through your kind hearted selfless service, duty, devotion & love towards your Family& Friends.
Your sweet memories & endless good deeds you did in your flawless short life will keep reminding all around the WORLD, to lead such a noble life.You will be an example to many of us & generations there after.
It appears each phase of your life story teaches us a lesson & gives us a feel how small we are compared to you .You were really an amazing person from the very childhood to very end.
We still feel quite robbed & speechless. This seems quite injustice on the part of Al-Mighty.
At the same time feel that it was his will, & hope from Him to give us enough strength to bear this irreparable loss.
Love you immensely, & miss you tremendously,
mom & dad

9:20 AM  
Blogger Grant said...

The first picture is actually from a road trip to Montreal, I believe during Anuj's Junior year. The principle still remains, as we had plenty of similar insignia around the MIT chapter house, and composite pictures of the sorts that adorn these walls adorn our own as well.

It's not a surprise, actually, since Anuj was always up for a road trip. ADP chapters at McGill, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, UVa, UMass and others were all visited, while trips to the Atlanta olympics, tennis in NY, or Spring Break in Ireland were all on the docket. Whenever you were looking to build a group to go somewhere interesting, Anuj was the first to ask. He'd always sign on, and his presence would instantly make it easier to get others to join up as well.


9:30 AM  

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