Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wharton Entrepreneurship Club Dedication

About two months ago, we posted about Anuj's numerous contributions to entrepreneurship at Wharton. According to his classmates, and as we recount in that post, he displayed remarkable leadership across many initiatives during his year on campus. Anuj had even more grand plans for his second year, which he hoped to fulfill as Co-President of the Entrepreneurship Club. While, devastatingly, he will not be able to follow through on those ideas himself, we know he inspired so many of his classmates with his dedication and creativity, that they carry on his work at Wharton. In that spirit, and in recognition of Anuj's unique and inspiring leadership, the Wharton Entrepreneurship Club has dedicated the 2006-2007 year in his honor.

Anuj was a true entrepreneur in every aspect of his life and through this dedication his inspiration will remain even though he is no longer with us. To see the dedication, click on the link to the club's website below and scroll down the homepage...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Anuj was a true entrepreneur in every aspect of his life....... Anuj wrote on :-
Oct. 16th, 1986,

I came on T.V.on Oct. 16th, 1986.
I was the First One to come on T.V.
for our Family.
It was a UNICEF Card Distribution
Day. the Chief Guest was Muhumad
Sadasn Arif Khan, The Governer of U. P.
I gave him the first box of UNICEF
Cards. It was also the 40th Anniversary of UNICEF.
I got a Badge of- International Year of Peace- 1986 &
Badge of---Children Need Peace,
And I got lots of prizes,& gifts
from teachers,& 50 Rs. from daddy

Anuj Mohan, Oct.16th, 1986

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every moment I think of ANMOL RATAN
( A True Leader ),our dearest loving son Anuj day & night. I see his picture several times in a day.
I can imagine the immeasurable pain of The Mohan Family. We exchange our feelings with each other & get relief as well talking
about our loving RAM ANUJ
As you have written there is nothing to say is " TRUE ".
All we have to live with


10:17 AM  
Anonymous hema said...

It's been six months today. Not a day goes by when we don't think of you and all that you did for everyone with whom you crossed paths. You were, are, and always will be with us.

We miss you so much.

6:31 PM  

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