Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rumi's Inspiration and Ours

There has been much written and disputed about the life of the great 13th century mystical poet Rumi. But by all accounts, Rumi had a dear friend named Shams of Tabriz. Together, Shams and Rumi explored spiritual teachings, gave each other tremendous strength, and shared a bond that changed their lives.

When Shams died, Rumi was so overwhelmed with grief that he channeled all of his sorrow into what is said to be a period of intense thinking. Through this mourning came some of Rumi's most famous works of poetry, including Diwan-i Shamsa, a collection of 30,000 verses that he dedicated to Shams.

Though he passed away many moons before Rumi, Shams was immortalized through Rumi's poems of love and devotion. Following is an excerpt:

The death of such a master is no little thing.
He was not chaff which flew on the wind,
He was not water which froze in winter.
He was not a comb which was broken with a hair,
He was not a seed which the earth crushed.
He was a treasure of gold in this dust-pit,
For he valued the two worlds at a barley-corn.
The earthly frame he flung to the earth,
Soul and intellect he bore to heaven.
The pure elixir mingled with the wine-dregs
Came to the jar's surface, and the lees settled apart.

Anuj continues to inspire us as Shams did Rumi. Out of our grief we hope will emerge many opportunities for young people to find their paths in life through higher education. It will be our poem of love to our dear Anuj.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

His Wish & Desire

When I used to be sad by any reason
Anuj used to console me by saying
mom, there is always a silver lining
behind every cloud

So I am waiting to see my beloved Anuj
in the form of scholarship
his wish & desire and
ever smiling face behind that scholarship
as he always used to give us
courage & strength
hope & peace

We miss him tremendously
& love him a lot


9:58 AM  
Blogger Meena said...

The other day I was informed that two of my students will be receiving scholarships this May which will allow them to continue their studies. They are students who have been with me for the last year who know me well and know of dear Anuj through what I have said. Somehow the theme of the story we were reading led me to share some personal thoughts once again and dear Anuj came up. He has served as an inspiration to many and when these two students heard me talking about him, they listened intensely to me as I described his achievements at such a young age. I hope in this way I can encourage these students to continue to study despite the financial and other obstacles that are in their way. I want them to believe that the pursuit of knowledge brings tremendous joy in one's life. Anuj, you continue to inspire all of us and serve as a role model to so many.

10:42 PM  

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