Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Vijay Dashmi" (The Victory of Good over Evil)

Anuj used to always be enthusiastic about celebrating various Indian festivals. "Vijay Dashmi" (The Victory of Good over Evil) also known as Dussehra was one of his favorite ones.

The festival is the celebration of Lord Rama's victory over evil. It is also believed that a venture started on this auspicious day is bound to be successful.

Today as the world celebrates this auspicios day, we are reminded of the memories we shared with Anuj during the festivities. Below are just a few glimpses of Anuj celebrating "Vijay Dashmi" with the rest of the family.

October, 1993.

October, 1992.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our beloved Anuj,
You are our SHINING STAR that guides us in our own personal victories of good over evil. You are our Eternal Light.
Missing you so much,
Ruby, Shamir, Raina, and Ria

9:43 PM  

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