Monday, November 05, 2007

Plaque in Anuj's Memory

Recently the Wharton Entrepreneurship Club honored Anuj by dedicating a plaque in his memory. The plaque was placed in their program office in honor of the contributions he made while serving as president of the club. Last year the club dedicated the 2006-2007 academic year in recognition of Anuj's unique and inspiring leadership. These gestures are a reminder of the tremendous impact Anuj had in his one, short year as part of the Wharton Community. The plaque reads as follows:
"Anuj Mohan
President of the Entrepreneurship Club
A warm and kind colleague and friend who gave so much to everyone who was fortunate enough to know him
We will miss you greatly,
The Wharton Community"

The plaque in honor of Anuj's many contributions to the Wharton community

Another image of the plaque dedicated to Anuj.

Some of the students and faculty who were in attendance when the plaque was put up in the office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our beloved Anuj touched the lives of many, near and far. His loving memory continues to endure in the hearts of all of us who were so very fortunate to know and love him. For those that did not have this honour, this plaque will allow them the opportunity to know what a loving, generous, and inspiring individual our dearest Anuj was.

With love,
Ruby, Shamir, Raina, and Ria

9:04 PM  

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