Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friends Forever

“GooD FriendS
Good Friends Are Hard To Find.
Good Friends Are Easy To Love.
Good Friends Are Presents That
Last Forever And That Feel
Like Gifts From Above
Good Friends Are One In A Million.
Good Friends Are Stories To Share.
Good Friends Know The Path To YourHappiness,
And They Walk With You
All The Way There.
Good Friends Are Lives Overlapping.
Good Friends Are Laughter And Tears.
Good Friends Are Emotions So Deep
That The Trust Just Keeps Growing
Over The Years.
Good Friends Are Hard To Find.
Good Friends Are Easy To Adore.
And You've Been Such A Good Friend To Me...
That I Could Ask For Nothing More.
Thanks for Being Such a Wonderful Friend”
Anuj touched each and every one of us in one way or the other. Nearly 20,000 people have visited this blog put together in Anuj’s memory. Each one of these 20,000 people and their personal accounts with Anuj are a constant reminder of who Anuj was, is and will be.

We miss you today. Just like we have for the last 729 days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maam i am from St.Francis' College,lucknow.While surfing i came across the blog dedicated to the memory of what seems like one of the most brilliant students our college has ever produced !

To be very true i have no idea why i am mailing you.Maybe because i feel proud that i belong to the same institution that HE belonged to.You might not know but we here in St.Francis share something called the Franciscan spirit ! The main idea behind it is that no matter where you come from or who you are...But being a franciscan is something that will bond you forever ! Today i can certainly say i feel that Franciscan spirit in a true sense. I never met Anuj nor had heard about him before this.But the fact that he belonged to my school is something i will cherish and feel proud forever.

Going through the whole blog has not only inspired me to do better in life...but also taught me how exactly an ideal life should be like!

Even though it is impossible for me to gauge how difficult life is without him...But all i can say is that where ever he is...For sure that place has leaped exponentially towards perfection than it was ever before !

Sorry if i was impertinent....but if i did not write this...i wouldnt be in peace....


9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myself Prosenjeet, I am the designer of the official web site of St. Francis; College, Lucknow (
I am a Franciscan myself and studied here from 1978 to 1990(ISC)
Came across this blog while I was searching for some details on our college.
Anuj, I may not know you personally, but buddy, I will miss you as a fellow Franciscan. Its a loss to big to define in words!
God bless you!


9:28 AM  
Anonymous Hema said...

Today, as always, Anuj is on my mind. At moments, it seems just like yesterday that he was sitting in front of the leather chair in our living room as we all watched Entourage, laughing and eating madeleine cookies. At other times, it's as if there are eons between us. Whatever the feeling, one thing is constant, that is, of missing Anuj: his gentle nature, his intelligent observations, his dimpled smile...everything.

Two years have passed and yet the emotion of missing Anuj and yearning to see him again haven't altered a bit. Anuj is evermore a part of our being and always will be.

Eckhart Tolle, the author of "A New Earth," was recently asked if he feared death. He said, "no." Asked why not, he responded that he doesn't fear death because he doesn't believe it exists. He said that life is energy and energy cannot be destroyed. His philosophy is that when we pass, that energy converts into the people and things around us so that no one ever really goes away.

Since June 11, 2006, I have often found myself at a loss for what to believe, but Tolle's words resonate because they imply that the soul endures. I want to believe that Anuj endures. He, his energy, his benevolence are all with us--today and always.


12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Deepa Mausi, Neal, Hema, Kapil, and Baby Aakarsh,
Thinking of you all today. Remembering our beloved shining STAR dear Anuj today and always.
Holding you all close in our heart.
Love you all very much,
Ruby, Shamir, Raina, and Ria

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Neal,

My name is Sanjay Noronha and we were class-mates in SFC. My brother Suneer was Anuj's classmate.

My aunt Ma'am U Menezes taught Anuj.

Our prayers and wishes go out to you and your family.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anuj continues to be in our hearts. Today we revisited many of the old posts on this blog--they are a true testament to what a noble person Anuj was. We are thinking of him and you all.

Krishna and Prem

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raj and myself have been thinking of "Mohan Family" and keeping you all in our prayers.

Dearest Anuj's boundless aspirations, devotion and perseverance for education have become the path for number of people. We felt our beloved Anuj such a PRIDE.



9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just watching some old Hindi film songs and ran across "kahi door jab din dhal jaye" from the movie Anand. I was immdeiately overwhelmed with the thought of Anuj. Anuj brought so much "Anand" (happiness) to a lot of people and inspired everyone around him. He illuminated our lives through his greater understanding of life and continues to do so.

7:50 PM  

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