Monday, October 04, 2010

Anuj Mohan Scholarship Awarded

We are proud to announce that yet another Anuj Mohan Scholarship was awarded this week. The awards were given out at Anuj's high school - St. Francis' College.

1) Anuj Mohan Scholarship for “Best Student” for the year 2009-2010: Mohd Athar
2) Anuj Mohan Scholarship for securing highest marks in Grade 10: Shubham Agarwal

The day was extra special as the school also celebrated 125th year since it was founded back in 1884. The school continues to produce great talent like Anuj and we only hope that the scholarship will help the deserving winners accomplish their dreams and become role model for future generations. We would like to congratulate both the recipients and wish them continued success.

We also want to convey our gratitude to everyone who has and continues to aid this charitable and noble cause. Your continued support is much appreciated.