Sunday, January 02, 2011

A New Year: A New Beginning

As we turn the page on 2010 and start a new journey in 2011, we would like to reflect a little on a long but fruitful year that produced many high points for both Anuj and the Anuj Mohan Scholarship Fund. As an extension of the scholarship, in early October, Anuj Mohan Scholarship Fund awarded recognized and honored two students at St. Francis College (Anuj’s High school). Following this, in middle November, in pursuing the goal of improving society through education we started a school in rural India through a large scale initiative called Ekal Vidyalaya (One School). In late December as another mark of Anuj and his dad’s legacy, the decision to plant two trees in the Bay Area was finalized and will take place early 2011.

By walking on the path shown to us by Anuj and his dad, we have managed to stick together and help each other in times of need. We take this opportunity to appreciate all the love, support and dedication we have received from everyone. With hope alive in our hearts and mind, we pledge to work even harder towards making Anuj’s dream a reality.


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