Friday, October 04, 2013

2013 Anuj Mohan Scholarship Awarded

On October 4th, Anuj's high school celebrated its patron St. Francis. As part of the ceremonies, two very deserving students were awarded the Anuj Mohan Scholarships to not just aid and encourage them in future endeavors, but also recognize their hard work and dedication that hopefully will inspire those that follow behind them. This years recipients included:

1) Anuj Mohan Scholarship for “Best Student” for the year 2012-2013: Kautubh Kapur
2) Anuj Mohan Scholarship for securing highest marks in Grade 10: Ayush Jain

This is the third year of the scholarships being awarded at Anuj's high school. The smiles of these students faces reminded us of the magical smile that Anuj had, the same one that could light a room the moment he walked into it.

We want to convey our gratitude to everyone who has and continues to aid this charitable and noble cause. Your continued support is much appreciated.


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