Thursday, October 04, 2018

2018 Anuj Mohan Scholarship Awarded

Names of winners as published in the 2018 Yearbook

The Mohan family is once again glad to announce the winners of the 2018 Anuj Mohan Scholarship awarded annually at his high school, St. Francis' College. The celebrations occur on October 4th of every year and honor the founding of the school back in 1885. It was the 133rd occurrence of the event this year. The two winners for the 8th annual Anuj Mohan Scholarship for the year 2017 include: 

1) Kirti Kumar Sawhney for being the 'Best Student' in 12th grade   
2) Vardhan Mittal for securing the highest marks in ICSE Exams that take place in 10th grade

This time of year is always bitter sweet for all loved ones. While on one hand, we are once again reminded of void left by Anuj, yet we are also contended to welcome newest members of Anuj's family who will further his legacy for generations to come.  

More info on other the scholarship recipients (Page 29) and other reflections from the year gone by can be found here. 


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